Going to Kansas City!

Actually I went yesterday and made sure the Reimers were at the airport safe and sound and most importantly early as their end flight is an International flight. It was such a joy to hear Julie and the girls talk and giggle in the back seat on the way to the airport. I'm not sure they spend a lot of time with mom in the back seat with them and it was by the sounds a joyful time.

To pay back what I thought was a wonderful job of hosting us when we were in Morocco, I gave the Rimers the Crown Victoria for their stay here in the Heartland. I had almost forgotten what a joy it is to drive after a month or so in the pickup. In fact, I had to warm up the air conditioner as it was too cold. I have a small trailer that we used to carry all the luggage to the airport and you could not even tell it was back there as smooth as everything rode. Just as importantly, the luggage got there just moments after the front of the car did.

I also made a trip to the Cummins Dealer in KC, MO to purchase parts for the Onan motor on the tractor. They have so many generators on motor coaches that they are a natural to have the parts franchise. The 18 horse Onan motor no longer meets the emission specs so I think someday I will probably have to replace the garden tractor or break down and buy a new kind of motor. There is this cute little Kubota with a front scoop that has my eye.

We got Dave enrolled back in College this semester. He is officially a Junior and taking almost a full time load. It kind of jolted him when he got a look at the cost for 14 hours. The books weren't any gift. He will spend a couple of days a week on campus and two of the courses are on line. He was excited to get cracking again and we are excited that he will finish without the crushing student loans for the cost. I joke with Dave that his college is my Corvette fund but I probably wouldn't drive anything that isn't a pretty full sized car that gets at least 20 MPG. If I need to revive my youth, I'll put a new crate motor and an air conditioner in the 57 Chevy.

The crowning achievement in the trip to KC was the trip to Arthur Briant's BBQ over by Cabella's. To make things even better they had a rib plate on sale for $9.95 that was almost a full slab. Yes, by the time I bought a plate of fries and a drink it was over $15.00 but hey, I only do that a couple of times a year. Some time I have to try my hand at grilling some ribs. I did some country style ribs this week but it isn't the same. I saw a grilling program that did some beef ribs "Gaucho" style. Six lbs of ribs is a monster size but they did look good.

Oh well, time to go ride our bikes. 8 miles at least three times a week is my kind of fun.


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