Rainy Days

Yes Boys and Girls, it is raining here in the heartland. It has been a long time since I had to take a day off while it rains. It is so unusual that I almost feel guilty. I'm sure the garden needs the moisture so I won't do a full out rant about it. In fact, I am not sure that I have a full rant about anything in side my head today. Normally I can work myself up to a good rant but not today.

I find myself counting the days until we take our trip to the Grand Canyon. We will start in Moab Utah and work our way down and back. This is one of those "Elderhostel" (They changed the name but at my age I can't remember the correct name) photography classes. This is our third photography class and the great thing is they take us such neat places with a bunch of people about our age. The staff will let you do as much or as little as you want. They do want you to get on the bus when going from place to place but they don't worry when Barb wants to take an afternoon off and read. Being a people person, I almost always get on the bus no matter where they take us. This will be my first trip to the Grand Canyon from either side. I think we will be on the North Rim, whatever that is.

I think I have found another activity on my reverse Bucket List. That is the list of things that I will never do again. The good news is that I don't have to do them in the first place for them to get on this list. I have seen people do back flips on snow-mobiles and I am sure that I won't ever do that. The new addition to the list is surfing behind a speed boat. There are some neat pictures of the Craig's doing just that and I'm pretty sure that I value my back to the point that I won't do a face plant behind a boat. It looks like fun and I hope they can continue to enjoy it, just don't put me on the list of people that you will look back and yell "Wave to the camera" at.

The Reimers were here on Sunday to organize their bags for the trip home. It is amazing to me that they plan their trip so they can spend a couple of days shopping and then organizing the bags to take it all home. Those of us in the land of the Giant Superstores just don't understand not going to to the shelves and finding four different brands of about anything. Given enough shelf space there is about one of everything. To me it is sad that the weight limits make them decide if they can take their in-line skates with them. They did take some for the girls but their skates will be in storage for another year or two. Thursday I will set up the trailer and take them and their baggage to the airport. The good news is that I will pass right by Cabella's and a couple of the best BBQ places in KC. There isn't room for Barb on the way to the Airport and she doesn't mind if I eat a rack of ribs now and then. She might complain if I spent a lot of money at Cabellas but I really don't need much. Perhaps a box of shells for one of the guns.

Better go see if the Parts Supply house delivered the goods they promised yesterday. They have to send to KC for an air cleaner and spark plugs for the Onan motor in the garden tractor. Might even break down and see if I can figure out what the heck is wrong with the motor. I think it is an electrical thing but you never know. (and most of the time I don't either)



  1. I love the idea of a reverse Bucket List!

    Hi MUD!!! *waves madly*

  2. Hey MUD! Man, you're going to love the Grand Canyon. They named it "Grand" for a reason.

    I never will forget the moment I walked toward the edge of that thing (South rim). As it came in to view I was truly dumbstruck by the massiveness, and the grandeur. I wish I could tag along. I'd like to see it from the North.

    I don't blame you for counting the days.

    Have a good one, pal!