Dang I Hate it when That Happens?

This is a small rant about a lot of unrelated things. These things bug me so I'm going to write them down. Here Goes:
  • I know the alternative to growing old but I really hate it when things start hurting when I can't remember what the hell I did to cause the pain. Perhaps I should be glad I don't remember the injury.
  • Why does the Asian Pear tree bring all the fruit ripe at the same time. It is either feast or famine. I guess I need some good cold storage or a cubby hole to put them in. There are three apple trees just about ready and a regular pear tree about ready.
  • Did you ever make a mistake about automobiles? I tried to bring the 57 Chevy back to stock and it just is not what I want to drive every day. I wish I had put disk brakes, a new motor (350 Crate motor) and AC. I spent way too much money to take it where it is and now it sits in the garage accumulating dust.
  • After owning a new I-Phone for most of the year, I am finally loading some songs on it. Yes, it did take a visit from my favorite geek squad member, Dave, to figure out how. Most of my music is at least a 10 year old collection from a lot of sources.
  • On the "Tommy" CD set by the Who, there is an overture and an underture. Not really upset about this so much as I didn't realize that fact until I loaded the CDs last night.

Well Crap, if that is best I can do, I guess I shouldn't be so quick to write that things upset me. Dang I hate it when that happens!


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  1. Danny bought a 1947 Chevy pickup in crates and rebuilt it for a work truck. He spent so much time, money, and traded labor on that thing, and when he was done, it was beautiful. In fact, it was so nice he was afraid to use it for a work truck which is what he wanted it for in the first place. He ended up selling it for less than he had in it because the antique car market in Kansas just isn't as good as it is other places. I saw the truck a few years later. There was no mistaking that it was his old truck. It was all banged up, and I prayed he would never have to see it. Now I need to find out what the heck and underture is.