Normally I have some idea of the direction I am going to head this blog when I start. I most generally pick an appropriate title and write on from there. Today, the best I could do is to use the date for a title and stumble on as I go.

The other day, my son was trying to tell Austen and Kyler why the Google Internet will be so much faster and just how fast "Fast" is. I have the AT&T high speed Internet connections and it is faster than I am. When you can probably only type about 20-25 WPM the dial up is fast enough. What I have is probably overkill but it is nice to have the system ready about 95% of the time when I am. I can remember in the good old days I would turn my office computer on and go get a cup of coffee. I would log in, check my in box, log in to the dial up carrier and somewhere about 15 minutes after I got to work I would have a connection. Yes, I also remember the days when an Underwood typewriter was the only office automation we had.

Just a note, Google has not yet selected Topeka for the High Speed, Fiber Optic supported test yet. My son who works at best Buy thinks the idea will be a real big deal to their business and he is really excited. he has applied for a out of the store job and will probably get the job of connecting people that don't sign up on the initial go round. Plus all the TV, DVD players and surround sound systems he can stand. Somewhere there is a customer service job just waiting for him. He is about the most cool guy I know and really cares what the customer wants.

Today, barb is going over to the County Extension Office and is going to plant tomato seeds for the kids to get to take home during one of the events. I think it is one at the Library because the World famous Topeka Zoo is in so much trouble they think the event there got cancelled. I always thought the $10.00 name on the 50 cent zoo was a bit much. This last year they par boiled a hippo and killed one of the cats when they gave it the wrong injection. No one is sure why but the leadership at the Zoo is in the change mode and the staff is just following orders. Morale is easy when things are expanding and taxes money flows. Slow down the flow a little and morale goes into the crapper.

Oh well, time to move on and get some real things done. Not sure what that is yet, but you can bet I'll find a way to spend time. Might even slip in a nap this afternoon.



  1. MUD: You wrote, "Morale is easy when things are expanding and taxes money flows. Slow down the flow a little and morale goes into the crapper."

    Ain't it the truth!!! Man, not just in public service jobs, but in almost everyone's life. Money can't buy happiness. But the lack of it sure can turn the stress levels up, and the optimism down.

    It sounds like your son is in a very good position right now. Google has more money to throw at things (even if they are experimental) than many countries. If he is as sharp as I figure, he will figure a way to maximize his talents/abilities and capitalize on the deal.

    The Topeka Zoo boiled a hippo? That must have been one big pot...

  2. When it was cold outside, they had a boiler that heated the water in the pool. I guess it is like the story about the frog that got put in boiling wqater and by the time he figured out he should jump out, he was unable. Sad day at the zoo. All souped up and no one to feed. MUD

  3. Okay MUD...that clears the whole deal up. I was thinkin' "How in the world???" Now I know.