Candy Store for Adults

Google City Sign at Lake Shawnee
Via Photoshop & Barb

This weekend we went to the home show at our local "Expocentre." (This is their spelling not mine) It is like a candy store for adults. A lot of the displays were pretty to look at but expensive to own. I have a champagne taste but only a Beer budget. I think we are more the type to look for the best cost/benefit ratio only when we really need to replace the furnace not just to save money tomorrow.

I have an architect friend in Mississippi that has to build buildings for customers and within their budget. I'm sure that if money was unlimited he would make things last forever and dazzle your eyes. Unfortunately, he must meet the cost parameters and there is just a limit where good enough must count for something. I once worked on a construction job that the owner of the shopping center wanted a wall to be the most perfect wall with a strange color. I think the final color was a salmon concrete and the laminate we put on the forms cost more than the plywood we would have used on the rest of the walls. They even had some kind of oil they used on the laminate to make the wall smooth that was about $20.00 a gallon when you could buy a quart of oil for about a quarter. One of these days I am going to visit that wall and see if it is even there any more. It was probably a 50 year wall if the building lasted that long.

I would love to go to the BIG XII tournament in KC this week but my back just isn't up to sitting in stadium seats for hours at a time. Besides, it will be on TV for the most part and with a 40 inch home TV screen I'll have a better view.

Our county Commissioners have a weird idea that people that owe property tax on their property should not be able to buy license tags for their cars. I guess those people that don't live in the real world don't understand that most people that don't own their house or are still paying on it through some company don't have a clue if their taxes are paid or not. You have to own a lot of the property to get your loan company or bank to let you pay your own taxes. I did have a boss that had just paid off his house and the first year the taxes came due, he didn't think to pay them. I called him and told him that his name was in the paper as delinquent and he about had kittens. I wonder what he would have thought if he went down to put tags on his car and got turned down because of some new administrative rule.

It has been warmer here than in Twin Falls for about a week. For a couple of months, that has been the other way around. We deserve a few more days of moisture and cool, not cold days.


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  1. MUD, we've got a thing down here in Louisiana now, where if a dead-beat is behind on child support payments, they can not get any state issued license.

    I don't know if it applies to car tags or drivers' licenses though. But heck...property taxes? That doesn't make any sense to me.