Oh Boo Hoo, get your Big Girl Panties on and deal!

Yes dear ones, it's true, the KU Jayhawks didn't take care of business and they lost. News Flash. This is the time of year that only two men's teams will go home unbeaten. One from the NCAA Championship and One from the NIT. It was a grand year and there will be another one next year.
I included Barb's pictures from yesterday to help those in Twin fall where it is 61 degrees to understand what 6 inches of snow looks like here in Kansas. I'm sure the robins are thinking they got an early start on nesting this year and if it were not for the handout on the back porch at Rabbit Run they would have starved. Must be a hawk nearby, there's not a bird in sight. En mass they flew away . They will be back slowly at first then a flock will show up.
I know it probably bores you to tears to hear me talk about it but I do enjoy the birds as they feed. I have some mixed feed that has a little of everything. I throw it on the porch when the snow covered the ground. The first thing to go is the sunflower seeds. Then the small corn pieces, them the larger corn pieces, the millet and last the Milo. There is always some dumb bird playing bully and trying to keep the other birds from eating. The little birds just come in the backside and eat as the bully runs around not eating until it is all gone. We have robins, juncos, a couple of sparrows, a wren or two and almost all kinds of woodpeckers. There is a cardinal or two in their spring colors. The woodpeckers start small with the downy and get larger until the Flicker shows up. He is the largest bird we have feeding here unless you count the hawk feeding on the other birds.
My mother is in the Heritage Villa Nursing Center, 1244 Woodland Loop, Bartlesvill, OK 74006. (918) 335-3222. She came home from the other place and promptly fell down. Thank god she was able to catch the shower curtain to keep from falling into the tub and/or breaking anything. My brother works for the owners of this nursing home so he is there almost daily. He is making sure that the Occupational Therapists work her hard to help her stay on her feet. This time I feel that Mom is a lot more aware of the need for speed. She just wanted to go home last time and now she wants to get better.
Oh well, might even try to get out some today if I can figure out any where to go.


  1. You are right, MUD, the Jayhawks just weren't getting it done. I always like the games where the little underdog wins, but not those where they beat the team I'm rooting for like a drum. I'm going to have to agree with Paul, Kansas should blame Obama for picking them in the first place.

    I thought N Iowa had suited up a couple of 40-year-old lumberjacks, by the way.

  2. MUD, I'm a bird fan myself. Nothing more relaxing than watching those rascals come and go in turn to feed.

    Sorry about your Jayhawks. I didn't catch any news yesterday, but read it first thing this am. But from what I can tell, they didn't lose to a bunch of losers (read LSU), but to a quality, tough, winning squad. Oh well...

    Snow. Man, I got into my car in Lafayette, LA last night wearing short sleeves, and running the AC on low. 3 1/2 hours later I got out of the car in Bossier City, and it was snowing. Still is...not sticking, but the fact that it's cold enough to sow on March 21 sucks.

    Hope your Momma does get better.

  3. I like those stop action chickadee shots. Nice pictures.