Hello, Is anybody out there?

Note to the Congress, If you pass a stupid law about pay as you go, you need to pay as you go. Jim Bunning is 100% correct in telling the rest of you that do what you say and say what you do. We expect you to tell the truth for more than 2 weeks or stand up and admit it was wrong or a lie. Are you telling us what we want to hear now or were you telling whoppers then?

Mr President, If you are going to get out of the White House to come see what we think, listen to what we say. Or, plan on being thrown out of the White house at the next election. Why do we need to send money to Chile after their earthquake? Are they 14 trillion dollars in debt? Lets see if they can pay as they go.

Just as a thought, if unemployment was for a shorter period, would the recovery be faster? If an unemployed person could go out and find an illegal doing a job, he should be able to have that person arrested and he would get the job.

Just saying that there is a wealth of ideas out there. Why do we get the same old crap out of congress. Don't tell me it is an excrement sandwich and then steal my bread.



  1. Here, here. No sandwich for me, thanks.

  2. Well said as per the norm, love ya and pray they will listen to us, soon!

  3. Don't you know us common folk aren't smart enough to know what's good for us? :)

    Think I'll pass on the sandwich also, but I love that line!