Oh Lord

Today the paper ran an article about the feds using Facebook, Twitter and even Blogger to track down stupid criminals. Yes, I agree that stupid and criminal is redundant. What is scary is that Facebook restated their wanting people to be truthful when they write on Facebook. At what level does a small tale become a white lie and evolve into a damn big lie. I challenge you to tell a story three times without starting to embellish the facts to make it fun to read or tell.

If they were to enforce the truth in writing on Blogger, would this be any fun to read at all? The idea that writing on a "Social Network" that has any privacy rights to me just doesn't make sense. There is an old saying that if you want to keep something a secret, start with you. Don't tell anybody anything you don't want the world to know. Unless of course it is funny as hell and then laugh as you tell the story.

Barb and I are probably going to the St. Patrick's Day parade downtown. We are Irish. The name is O'Patty from the patio Furniture Clan. Green Beer and Corned Beef with a side of potatoes please. (Well, you can hold the beer. Barb thinks it tastes nasty and I think it tastes waaaaay to good)

I am resisting jumping in the car and driving to OK City. Tomorrow and Saturday, both KU and K-State play a game there. Normally I would say something about unless they lose but both teams have their "A" game available and are playing "B" teams so I'm not worried. I'll bet there will be more blue and purple in the stands than any other color.

Yesterday Dave brought me a connector box with software to help me make a DvD out of the games I am recording on the DVR. No, I don't have a clue but I think I can hook up the damn thing and we'll see how complicated this all is.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you all.

MUD O'Patty


  1. Hey! I'm Irish, too! At least, I am today ...

  2. I hope you had a wonderful day Dude.