They Died

Two of my childhood hero's died recently. Peter Graves of "Mission Impossible" and Fess Parker of "Davy Crockett" are both gone. Like most of the kids that grew up during early Television, I had a coon skin hat and big dreams of killing a Bar somewhere in the hills of Tennessee. Later, a lot of us were always amused and amazed at the antics of a team that would take on the toughest jobs and perform heroic feats in Mission Impossible. I guess when you start to see the hero's of your youth passing, you are getting old. Funny, I don't think old, I just feel old.

I just hope that someday I don't wind up stuffed in some museum somewhere. I think Barb has listened when I tell her that "I don't Care" where I will wind up. The idea that anyone would spend a lot of money to bury someone is just against my good senses.

It is funny to read the papers this morning and to read that everyone thought the Hawks would lose to Lehigh. All season they have played good enough to win and you could tell that when Robinson, Johnson and CJ Henry get into a game, the coach thought it was pretty easy for his team. (You are supposed to go who? ) The won by 16 and K-State won by 20. The papers are full of praise for the Wildcats and wonder what happened to the hawks. Hell, I saw the Hawks get behind by 19 points at Nebraska this year and then turn the game into a victory. The very fact they can is where I focus. They are good enough for Government work. They win and that's good enough for me.

I think we are going to do a little shopping today. The weather maps are full of those little snow symbols for tomorrow. See you on the flip flop.



  1. I know! I know! We're going to get snow! I can't wait to go out and play!

  2. Don't forget "Whiplash!"