Final lap

Old Grandpa Possum on Back Porch

This week has me on the final lap in cleaning/painting/repairing the Valley Brook house. I have found the repairing has made almost as big a mess as living there. I get one area ready and another needs attention. I think I am almost finished painting so perhaps that mess won't reappear.

I have done some carpet cleaning with a Bissel rug cleaner. It does an OK job but there are places where I needed it to get in deep and it doesn't. I guess if I want perfect, I need to have the pros come in and work. We'll see.

I am wondering how much time I will take off once we are rid of that house. Truth be told, I have enough work to keep me busy full time on maintenance at all the other properties. At least the renter at our biggest house is catching up on his rent. He was headed for three months behind and is now only due the current month.

The snow is melting but the far north side of the hill is covered. Perhaps by Thursday when it reaches 50 it will be clear of snow. Barb's garden has remained snow covered for a couple of months and she is worried about the soil temperature. Perhaps if I covered it with some of that black plastic sheeting it will warm up. Oh well...

Miles to go and cleaning to do.


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