Why I Wear a Seat Belt

When I was in the Army, My dad and I bought a Volvo. He used a piece of crap, my Renault as a trade in. When I finally got to where I could have a car at Fort Sill, I took over the payments and took the car in to get it registered. The first thing they said was it takes seat belts to get it registered. I went to a salvage near Lawton, Oklahoma and found shoulder harnesses out of a car a lot like the Volvo. I installed them without the lap belts and prayed that no one would notice when I took it in to register. Sure enough, the MP doing the inspection was outside the car and when he said seat belts, I showed him the shoulder harness and he passed the car.

I drove the car until it was time for me to go to Vietnam. Dad took over the payments and started driving that car. He would make regular trips to Arkansas over the weekend and one weekend he was driving through Gerard, KS. A driver pulled out of a roadside park and dad hit him broadside doing at least 45 MPH. The accident pushed the wheels clear under the car and mashed the front end back to the fire wall. The wreck totaled both cars.

Dad had put on the shoulder harness and the impact caused several ribs to separate from his sternum. His knee flew up and broke his nose. Other than a real tough time breathing from the pain and a bloody nose, he walked away from the accident. Had it been any other car other than a Volvo, and without the belts, he probably would have been dead.

Wear yours or not, I will miss you but I won't feel sorry. I wear mine and for a damn good reason.



  1. Hey MUD, thanks for telling that story. Like I said before...I was a hard-head about those things until I saw firsthand what they prevent.

  2. Before I leave the driveway I always say, seat belts, even the grown ups have to wear them in my car, you are always safer in the car than out.