47 Degrees at 8 AM

There is a veritable heat wave ongoing here in Kansas. It was a beautiful day yesterday and because of a cloud cover, it didn't cool off too much last night. As I look out the window, there is a patch or two of snow left but not much. Perhaps by the time the KU/MU game is over, it might be warm enough to take the bikes over to the Lake Shawnee trail and make a few pedal circles. I know my body is ready to get out and do something.

In the paper this morning, one of the Sports writers took on the challenge of trying to find a split that will produce different results in the BIG XII. He is advocating a split that separates the conference north to south along a line along I-35. The problem is, that KU has won 70% of the Basketball Championships (10 of 14) since the inception of the BIG XII. I don't see how having KU play the bottom of the conference teams is different no matter how you split the league. I don't see much difference in Iowa State losing to KU or Texas. K-State needs to continue to get better on its own and not depend on a fantasy split of the league to make them better. Oh well, Tully needs to get a life and report the real things not just his desires.

I told you about the Garlic Garni I got for Christmas. I also just got a new shipment as I reordered more, in larger containers. They also have a getti-garni that has cheese in it ti sprinkle over spaghetti. The only problem is I have yet to find anything I don't like with a flavor of the stuff. I haven't seen how it will hold up to smoke from the Webber, but I guess if it is used as a wet rub early and a sprinkle afterwards if should be as good as things cooked on the kitchen stove.

For those of you that didn't grow up with parents that called the fridge an ice box, I tend to use the terms on an interchangeable basis. Yes, I know that the term Ice box came from the old oak cabinet that a lot of people had in their kitchen that the ice man filled with a block of ice to keep the milk cool prior to the invention of the modern refrigerator. The other day, I was watching a program about antiques and one of the kids called an old ice box a refrigerator. I guess I was probably one of the few that noticed. It is really bad when you are old and wrong at the same time. Having a lot of experiences gives you a chance to have more things to confuse and to be wrong about.

One of my friends, Harvey, complained that there seems to be a shortage of good leaders in our Government. I think it has something to do with the fact that most of the people that would be good at leading are just too smart to get involved in something that makes you look bad no matter what you do. I think Barb would make a great politician. Good luck on trying to buy her vote. When you come to her with a good idea, it better pass the smell test. I don't know if she has ever really studied the cost/benefit ratio idea but I know she sure as hell has the idea down pat.

Breakfast is calling.


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  1. MUD, you wrote, "I think it has something to do with the fact that most of the people that would be good at leading are just too smart to get involved in something that makes you look bad no matter what you do."

    I think you smacked the nail right on the noggin!

    As to your cost/benefit/quality of life post...man, I have spent a lot of time thinking on such things. I have had kin, and friends go through terrible deaths...a great grandmother that lived to 104, who asked me when she was 102, "Why won't God just let me die?"

    A cousin that was a vegetable for over 20 years from a motorcycle wreck...no telling how many millions of dollars was spent keeping him alive.

    Etc., etc., etc...

    I know how I will die, barring some accident...I will die on my own terms. I will not be a consumer of great sums in order to stay alive one more year, week, day, or minute. But, that's just me...and everybody has to decide for themselves, I guess.