This morning Barb and I had a discussion at the breakfast table. No, it did not end with shouting, crying or threats of leaving. She thought that it was interesting that Sarah Palen is defending McCain against attacks from the right. She wondered if Rush and Glen beck know that Sarah is now the designated spokesman for the conservatives. I had to laugh at that one.

I challenge everyone to think about what it is we want. I mean think with your big head and try to imagine where we want our country to go and grow into. If you were to get inside Barb's brain housing group and mine, the destination probably is within a couple of range probable errors of being exact. (That's the distance that an artillery round would land from a previous round fired with the same settings. That is also knows as two forks but that's a very small thing)

I want to tell you that I want to live in a country where we can say proudly that you can live up to your own potential and getting there is attitudinal. If you care enough to work hard and get an education, you can be anything you want to be. The problem is not everyone feels the same way. A while back, I broke the numbers down for the Presidential election and the numbers were that about 40% of the people eligible to vote didn't. When 80% of the kids that should graduate from an inner city high school don't, there is something wrong. I don't think they want to sell drugs because it is easy, they do it because they don't feel there is enough room out there for them to be their best.

Lets start with the young adults. Yes, they will be prone to think with their hearts first, and then their heads. Don't ask why, just accept that they are idealistic and will vote for a message. Just a note to the Tea parties, no matter how hard you try, Ronald Regan is dead and won't run for election during the next cycle. You will have to find someone that is articulate and caring and is worthy of our vote. Somewhere out there in the great silent majority there has to be a clear message of hope not change. Yes, ideals count. As much as I love John McCain, he is a proud veteran that served our nation well, he just could not inspire me to get out and encourage others to vote for him.

If you look at the policies that came out of Washington after Kennedy was assassinated and Lyndon took over, they were very liberal and tried to move our country to a place where we could afford guns and butter. More support to the poor in the way of housing and grants for schooling was a good try but the reality that we were fighting a war that cost us millions should have hit them right in the kisser. Sound familiar? Remember PAY GO? They don't.

Congress and the President need to think about the failures of the past and build on the positive things not do more of the same old stuff that got us in trouble. Instead of sending our youngsters off to war, lets send them into our cities to mentor the kids into doing their best. Instead of protecting the borders oversea's, lets start at home and build a place that the whole world want to come. It is our jobs leaving for overseas not our citizens. We can't afford Cap and Trade, more taxes and more jobs going oversea's. We need to start here at home and build jobs and houses and schools and make sure that every one that needs training gets a chance to train. We need to celebrate our greatness and build on the foundations of freedom that got us here. In short, spend my money in Washington only after you think!

End of Rant..... MUD


  1. In my opinion, there should be some point where those in DC come to the conclusion that they are NOT helping. I just cannot figure out for the life of me when they WILL see the obvious, though.

    I think that it all boils down to the left never thinks about anything past breakfast, they attack issues as single, floating entities that are completely removed from everything else with no effect on anything other than the very specific issue and conservatives know that there are no things that are mutually exclusive.

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  3. AMEN to that last paragraph!