Free Speech

I Refuse to post stupid signs here. You can
read the rest of this story safe in the fact
I will not print them here!

There is no way I can tell you how much I think the Church led by Fred Phelps and his misdirected family/church is wrong. Fred thinks that because some obscure passage in the bible directs men to not lie with other men like they do with women, that homosexuals are all doomed to hell. He feels that it is his calling to make sure the world is aware of this and nothing he can say is too outrageous in that battle. Somehow shouting "Semper Fi Fag" at a funeral of a young marine makes me wonder where that line should be drawn. Fred's minions stand on the street corners around Topeka and shout that God Hates America because the Don't Ask, Don't Tell ruling in the Military. I have listened to him on the radio and in person is a very dedicated pastor that thinks the behavior of his church members is required and to do less threatens their souls to hell. Do not confuse his signs with stupid and believe he is not doing what he thinks is the only way to personal salvation. He contends, and back it up with lawsuit after lawsuit, that his preaching is freedom of religion wrapped in free speech.

Thus, the Supreme Court is about to enter the fray and look at Hate Speech, stupid Speech and Free Speech and Freedom of Religion. I think they are going to have trouble with this issue and like the issue of what is pornography will find it a mouthful that just makes you want to vomit rather chew it up and swallow. I fear that the winners may be the losers in the erosion of what should be the standard of freedom of speech and religion.

In my perfect world, you and I should be able to practice religion without any force from the Government. I am not impacted by what you chose to do as your religion, and the same can be said about the impact of what I do on you. The problem with this is as people we all have a "judgement ability" and the need to use it. The problem is that there is no perfect world and there are a lot of things written down that we can't fully enforce of control.

I personally don't practice any religion and think the Bible is an excellent guide to proper behavior. The 10 commandments are a wonderful way to live and if we all practiced them we could have a perfect world. What about lust? If like in the Muslim world just looking at the exposed hair of a woman is lustful, should my eye be put out or should she be forced to wear a scarf? See, this isn't as easy as it looks. If the Jews refuse to recognize Jesus, is their Torah not valid? Is the Muslim holy book different than the Bible and if it is, which is right or more right? beats the hell out of me, and will soon consume the Supreme Court's time instead of having the Court ensure that the Congress and the President are not exceeding their authority under the Constitution.

Tonight we will get to see the number one vs the number two team in the BIG XII play and man should it ever be a great game. Now if I can just figure out how to get the DVR to record the game and have it to savor for later.



  1. Well said MUD.

    In a strange twist of irony, I think that Fred Phelps church unites unlikely allies against him and his followers more than anything else.

  2. Sully, everyone loves to hate him and it is a shame that his message is so extreme. MUD

  3. Yeah, Sully beat me to it...it's an odd mix of enemies he's made. Good post, MUD.

    It's gonna be interesting to see how the court rules.