Sex, Money and the Funny Papers

The paper is just an inspiration to me and I would hate to give up holding those thin pages and just read my news on line. Today's items that helped me bring my blood pressure up to a higher standard were:

SEX -John Roberts girl friend says they are still in love. The problem as I see it is that she loves him and so does he. Most of those sissy boys that spend hundreds on haircuts and primp every time they see a mirror, is that the thing they want is sex not love. Men like that will fake love to have sex. Women like that think if they give sex they will get love. The sad part is that if she hadn't got pregnant he would still be with his wife and using her illness to propel him in politics. Old guys should take Viagra and Ginkgo Biloba. If the Viagra doesn't work they will at least remember what sex was like.

MONEY- The State of Kansas is letting the Federal Government bribe them into a seat belt law. They have 10 million dollars waiting if Kansas will implement a primary seat belt law. I think it should be illegal to drive a car without seat belts or ride a helmet without a motorcycle (or something like that) but I don't want the Federal Government to spend money making that happen. Someone wrote in the editorials that laws should make sense and should be passed without Federal Bribes. Let's see.... Common sense and no bribes in Government. What a novel concept. Right now, a police officer cannot stop a car to write a ticket to a driver without a seat belt. They can issue you a ticket if you are stopped for another violation and are not wearing one. The root of the problem is that you cannot eat at the federal table without playing by their rules. So far, the Supreme court stands oblivious to this gradual erosion of our rights by the feds. I have a dream that some day we will be ruled by men and not money. I know, take a nap and get real...

Now the Funny Papers. In Baby Blues, the kid is writing a paper about my favorite Composer. He said that John Phillip Sousa was a composer and a ninja. When his mother shouted WHAT? he said that school papers are better if you make us some facts. Sounds like he will be a good writer for the papers some day. (Or a great Blogger)

In Pickles, the grandfather bemoans the fact that he had hoped to be the great teacher of all things when he grew up. His grandson is showing him how to use the computer. Sad but true, the kids today know more about how to use the computer by accident than we old dinosaurs ever will. The even sadder thing is that I have two new pieces of technology, a DVR and an Iphone and both of them can do thousands of things I'll never understand. Hell, it takes me two controllers to use the TV and get it to do what I want it to do. The even sadder fact is that there are four remotes here and I am forever trying to figure out which two I need.

The American Way -To end this morning's madness, I have finally found the toilet paper I love. the problem is the name is printed on the package it came in and after distributing the rolls though out the house I threw the wrapper away and don't have a clue what the name is. Dang I hate it when that happens.



  1. Heh! That's funny. But to the serious stuff...

    I was one of those guys that said, "I ain't wearing no stinkin' seat belt! Heck, when I was a kid the auto dealer removed them for customers."

    Then about 7 years ago, my #2 son was in an awful car wreck...I mean, awful. 65 mph on I-20, got clipped by a big rig, spun about 3 times, and slammed head-first into the barrier.

    The young man walked away with a bruise across his waist, and up to his left shoulder. I guess you know how he got that bruise.

    I have NEVER driven since without wearing one. I don't know if it ought to be illegal or not. But it is foolish to ride without one.

  2. From the story....."I think it should be illegal to drive a car without seat belts or ride a helmet without a motorcycle (or something like that)"

    I never was able to ride one of them helmets very far. :0)

  3. One night I sat on my helmet when I was writing a letter. When I got up, I realized that it had cut the blood flow off to some very important parts of my body. If you think that having your foot tingle hurts when it falls asleep, try that with you testicles and prostate. Not an experience i wanted to repeat. MUD