Kids Do the darnest Thing!

One of our friends just posted on face book that her 2 year son sprayed some fake tanning spray all over her family room. I wonder if the rug will turn brown and will it clean up?

One of my friends had her friend remind her of the time her daughter wanted someone to yip her yipper. Yepp'er, kids can make you cry or laugh.

One of the little neighborhood boys loved potato chips but it came out "Shader Shits."

One time Dave had disappeared into my mother's bathroom and came out powdered from top to bottom and announced, "Mel's Good." he had to be under two or he would have said, "Look mother, I smell good!"

Because Barb and I visit the Dentist regularly, there is always a good supply of dental floss. One day after an hour of quiet, Barb went in to Dave's room and he had made a spider web from one end of the room to the other with dental floss. Remember that the Star War's action figures held light sabers? That made them have a great way to hold on to the floss and slide for life on the floss.

I wasn't there, but I hear stories of a time when My niece Jennifer got up on the TV and knocked the mirror off the wall and as it fell, it broke the back of the picture tube on the TV off.

A really good friend of ours has a son that managed to set the highest standard of fun. One day when Mom went out to get the paper, he managed to lock the front door behind her. They hadn't finished the steps to the deck yet so it took a great deal of time and ingenuity to get back in the house. Later on, she heard a chair slide across the floor in the kitchen, She checked on the sound and found him peeing in the coffee pot. Not sure why, but I don't ask for coffee at her house.

Me, I never did any thing that funny, unless you count the........



  1. Heh! MUD, you know my family was in the TV business, and you'd be surprised how many picture tube necks got broken off by falling mirrors. Seriously.

    Oh man...good memories of my boys with those stories. My oldest son (now 29) was fascinated with his boy parts.

    He caught Pam coming out of the shower naked one time when he was about 2. He said, "Mommy, your penis boke off!"

    A couple of days later we were at a church social. He walked up to the lady music director, and asked her, "Do you want to see my testitocles?"

    Oh man...good stories...good fun with kids. I miss that.

  2. All my life I've heard the story about my cousin Ron who was about 8 and got a BB gun for Christmas. Gunsmoke was on my parents' first TV. Matt Dillon raised his gun, Ron raised his, and shot out the TV.