More of the Same

Can anyone tell me who will miss the Saturday mail delivery? When was the last time you got anything in the mail that wasn't a bill? The USPS needs to start at the top and re-define what it is they are and what they will be in a few short years. Nothing goes on forever.

Lets see if I got this right. Our children on food stamps are too fat. The Government wants to see if we have too many fast food restaurants in the poorer section of our cities. Where did the congress of the United States get such ideas? Don't they have a budget to pay for? I guess Sen Bunning thinks so and no one else up there reads anything they pass.

General Colin Powell is going to start working on the problem of High School drop outs. The root of that problem lies in the fact that having a high school education doesn't get you ready to do anything but go to college. Where are the people that we need to keep all our Toyotas running? Where will we get electricians and plumbers and builders? What we need is to find a way to build hope that graduating from High school will get you ready to do anything more than sell dope and listen to music.

Why would our Secretary of State take 20 satellite phones to Chile? Where does she get the authority to tell them that we will send them what they need to get their infrastructure back together? I would think the last thing they need is another "lookie lou" traveling around and seeing how bad things look after a 8.4 earthquake. Where is OPEC's help?

I understand that watching the KU/K-State game would be fun. I plan to be in front of a 40 inch Plasma TV tonight. What I don't understand is why the tickets would sell for $370. You can sit at any sports bar (now without smoke) and watch it for a lot less.

Can anyone out there tell me why so many Colleges can fill a football stadium with 50 to 80 thousand people and then not fill a 15,000 seat basketball arena?

Now our Government wants to hook up a device that disables the throttle when you apply your brakes. Holy crap, don't those people know that thousands of kids spend millions of dollars so their exhaust sounds like a sports car when they are at a stop light. Not so much anymore.

My closing thought - a Camel is a horse designed by a Congressional committee.



  1. MUD, you and I are on the same page about fat poor people. Cut the food stamp monthly ration and gradually move to phase the program out entirely, that should thin those kids somewhat.

  2. MUD, I can honestly say that I can not disagree with one thing. Who needs Saturday mail delivery? Maybe some folks who live where banks are open on Saturday...but that's about all I can think of.

    I'm not sure about the roundball v. football disparity...other than I know it to be true (especially in Louisiana).

    And, I thought a Camel was what Obama spends half the day jonesin' for during public appearances.