Why Do I Do This?

I write on my blog because I want to or I wouldn't do it. There are occasions that I feel compelled to write after reading something I read or hear through the media, but mostly it is because it is something I want to do. Yes, there is a large pile of tax papers right beside me to work on and there is always something to do in the garage but I get to do this because it is something I want to do and that's all there is to it.

There are times when I miss having any comments or reading updates on your blogs, but that won't serve as an impediment to me doing this blog.

I started to write this because of some frustration and realized that I do it because I want to and read it or not, comment or not, write on your blog or not... here is another load. back on your heads.



  1. I love your blog, don't stop posting!

  2. Hmmmm...Rough day, MUD?

  3. I visit your blog just about every day....

    And, I'll be cheering for your Jayhawks this week! Go Big XII!