Welcome to Google City!

When Gov Alf landon used the Sunflower for his 1936 symbol
in his run for the Presidency, FDR said "Sunflowers die in November"
As most of you know, I live just outside the City of Topeka, Kansas. It seems that today the city proclaimed it's infamy in the national media for several reasons. Here is our roll call to shame:

A couple of years ago four of our finest after spending the day rotating from party to watering hole, went over to a neighbor's house and told them to tone down the music. No, they weren't in uniform or on duty, they just wanted the music a notch lower. At the end of the scuffle, fight and gun battle, the two people whose home the party was in were shot. Neither died, and now, their lawyer is telling the city that either they settle out of court or face a 45 Million Dollar law suit. It is my preference that they two Lamas brothers win and own the city. I don't have a clue where the city could find any extra money and the two brothers should inherit the debt and problems the city owes. Perhaps it would serve as a symbol to the world to be careful of what you ask for. Kind of like the mess in Iraq and Afghanistan. How many billions of dollars has that fist fight cost us? How come we didn't declare victory and go home quickly?

The second notorious event on the national stage is the Phelps family finally getting their day before the Supreme Court. This one case has more civil rights in it than you could ever imagine. A church feels that they have the right (and calling) to go to funerals of soldiers killed in war and protest. They say horrible things about God and Country to the grieving family and are hateful. On the other side, the family feels they have the right to grieve in private and that when someone comes to the funeral of their son, it is denial of their right to free religion. The Phelps clan brings a stink to the word religion and just pisses on what religion and patriotism stands for. The only counter is the right to free speech. They should at least be charged for stupid speech and be made to shut up for a week or so. Many of us would just love to have the group church to be taken and the sign "God Hates the USA.com" painted over.

Finally, just when many of you out there are protesting that Google takes searches in directions that we don't want to go, the City of Topeka is wooing the Google company to bring their test here and wire the city with the high speed fiber optic net and show the world what could be. Yes, I think we need a Fiber Optic net to our homes but II don't want Google to do it. Besides, I live outside the city and have a pretty darned good carrier brought to me by AT&T. There is no limit to who is my search engine is. If I want to "Dog Pile" and not Google, it is my choice.

On the national Round ball stage is the KU Jay-Hawks today going for their 2,000 all time win. At least we can now say, "Roy Who?" Win or lose, this has been an exciting year for us and we will accept the wins and overcome the losses. No matter what you think, at least Kansas is in the news, for what it is worth.


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  1. Yeah MUD, I've been reading the stuff about Topeka changing it's city signs to Google. I've seen some pretty good pictures, like yours the other day.

    Well, as you know, there is a Truth or Consequences, NM.

    This Phelps character really stretches my Christianity. I don't even know how to classify him, because he's so odd from even other oddballs. We'll see. I know that if I lost either of my two military sons (be the wars right or wrong), I think I'd spit in the old fart's face, and piss on his rabble.

    But who knows? At a time of grief like that must be, maybe I'd just bow my head, and pray for the bastard. Dunno.

    I don't know much about the lawsuit story. But, I think you might be on to something...heck, too bad they can't sue the US Gubmint...and win 12 trillion dollars of liability.