Let The games Begin!

The BIG XII tournament starts today in Kansas City with the play-in games. The bottom 8 teams start on Wednesday to play their way into the big Dance. Baring a complete wash out, half of the BIG XII will probably go on. I have even seen that the 7th team might be there. We'll see what happens starting about noon today.

Speaking as a fan of college level Basketball, I think a lot more than necessary is made of the post season tournament. It is the time of the year that for most teams two losses and you go home for the season. Heck, a good number won't even get to play after their conference championships are decided. After 30 or so games, I can imagine that a lot of the young men are ready to go back to school and study. It has been a great ride for most of us and life will go on.

After working on several houses over the last couple of years, I find that I have a bunch of junk left over. I have at least one bay of the garage full of stuff that I "needed" to have to do the work and a bunch of stuff that just accumulated. I will make a run to the County Hazardous waste recycle center the first Saturday in April. That will help get rid of a lot of the stuff. There is even an accumulation of automotive fluids to dispose of. A lot of the containers were the type that just would have been put in the trash in the past. a 1/3 full can of drain cleaner. More half empty jugs of rug cleaner. A can of "Spot Shot" that is almost too rusty to read the label.

Right now, I am nursing my back back into shape. I lifted the table saw in and out of the truck and it has the sciatic nerve inflamed to the point that it says hello every time I stand up, sit down, or remain in one spot too long. It will be better in a few days and soon we'll start to ride our bikes and that always helps. Even if the back doesn't feel better, the sun and exercise make me forget any pain. I tell you that a recumbent bike doesn't make your back hurt.

Better run and see what's in the paper.


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