Vernal Equinox

Unless you are asleep at the wheel, you probably have noticed that the days are getting longer. Even with the shift to Day Light Savings, it is light outside at 7 PM. In spite of a weather set back over last weekend, it is getting warmer and in fact if was 48 degrees this morning. We are having a brief period of rain today but it will keep the temperature about 50 all day. The last remnants of snow will finally melt out of the drifts and ditches. Oh, the equinox meant that on the 20th the day and night periods were equal and the tilt of the earth's axis is on towards periods of warmer weather.

I went over to the Social Security Administration office to increase my with holdings to help with the taxes come the end of the tax year. There is some obscure rule that the maximum you can withhold is 25%. There is no allowance for more even if you will owe it. Dang, I hate it when that happens.

We have been showing the Valley brook house quite a bit lately. Lots of people want to look, but don't make hard firm offers. Perhaps one of these days someone will start the ball rolling that direction. I guess its not like we don't have the time to go over and meet new people.

Yesterday I went to the store and locked to the cart return was a great looking red Rand Rocket recumbent. My bike has a low pedal bracket and this one has the pedal pretty much right out on the front of the bike. I think I would want some kind of a chain guard if I owned one. Not for me, but for any unfortunate person that might walk out in front. That exposed chain sprocket sure looks like it could tear a hole in a tree let alone a person.

I guess I'd better get on with things. have a great day out there.


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