Cost of Care vs Quality of Life

I read a story this morning about a kidney cancer "survivor" who lived six years at a cost of over $600,000. In that story was a smaller story about a squad going ashore in the initial landing on D-day. The Sergeant in charge told them that 9 out of 10 would probably be killed. As the story goes on, the guys all looked at each other and wondered about those other poor nine sum'bitches. I wouldn't volunteer to be one of those 9 that died, but I am concerned about living out my days and at what cost.

If anyone can explain the cost of modern Health Care, they are smarter than I am. Try mixing that up or into a Blue Cross and Blue Shield policy with a Tri-care policy. Neither one reimburses the cost as billed but between them seem to have the Doctor's Business offices happy.

As I am not afraid to die, and because I can currently remember where I wrote down the combination to the gun safe, I am not concerned about quantity of life, only quality of life. About 20 years ago we bought a house from a man that was terminally ill with a brain tumor. He did not come to the closing on the house and I asked the real estate agent why. He said the man had committed suicide rather than suffer any more from the inoperable tumor.

A part of me doesn't want the Government to be in charge in deciding when people should die from a cost standpoint. Another part of me wonders about the cost. At what point is it OK to turn off the switches and let someone die a reasonable death? Let me assure you that there will be a group that will look at the cost and availability of health care no matter what they call it. It may be a bureaucrat or a board but once the cost goes past the set limit, there will be control.

Let me assure you that I am not currently in any way terminal. I have lived a great life and would want you all to know that I am proud of what I have accomplished and the way I have lived. I share with barb all the time that she has made me the happiest guy I know. I am proud that she can find me in a crowd by listening for the laughter. Perhaps the loud laughing might be somewhat because of the deafness caused by the Artillery but I choose to think it is because of the fact I think life is so much fun.



  1. Mine is about $31,000. It was found early and removed, the kidney and the tumor at the same time. On Tricare. My part is about $3,100. Catastrophic thing.
    Scared Shitless at first.

  2. All I care about is having the choice either way, I don't want the goverment to say when I am done that should be between me, my family, my doctor and God.