It's all in a Name

There is a BYU player James Firdette that has a nickname "Jimmer." What a great name "Jimmer Firdette." I couldn't make up a better nick name myself. I just think names are really neat. Here is just a few of the most notable names I have recorded in my book of life:
Millard Filmore Molthrup IV
Gentleman Johnny Lott
"macho" Ramone>...........
Bobby Dean (Barb's nickname from her Dad)
Shady Drake (When we would ask him what he liked he would say Shader Shits aka Potato Chips)
Atta Jundue Obiajulu (That's the way it sounded if you used a proper British Accent)
Candy Date O-By a Jew Lu, the way our red neck TAC officer said it.
Assy, as Phylis was called by her little sister.
Danny Rex, I don't have a clue why I almost always used his middle name.
Bone head. A nick name given to one of my hard headed friends by another hard headed friend.
Great White father in the Great green Chevy. Name given to Bone Head by a Wichita Police Officer.
Ding and Ding Ding. The two guys at the corner of Bird and Mellor in Wichita. If their mother rang the bell one time in succession; ding, wait for it Ding, Ding she wanted the older brother to come home. If she rang it twice Ding-ding, ding-ding, ding-ding she wanted the younger brother to come home. If she commenced to ring the bell, ding ding ding ding without pause we all ran home.

It snowed again this morning and there is about a 30 MPH wind straight from the North Pole. Not fit weather. Oh well, didn't have much of anyplace to go anyway.



  1. Hey MUD, I wrote a post a while back about Willie, our old friend/appliance delivery man.

    He had the most unusual laugh I had ever heard. His partner, Curley, also had an odd laugh. It's hard to describe either one.

    But, the pair got the nickname, "Hee Hee, and Hoo Hoo." I can't type it like it sounded, but that brought back a good memory. thanks.

  2. Old deaf Artillerymen will get the nick name, "Who, Who, What?"