Another great team

Last night in Saint Joseph, MO the Emporia State ladies won the Div II Women's basketball Tournament. The game got picked up by one of the ESPN channels and was it ever a treasure to watch. Don't let anyone tell you that it ain't like real basketball. Those women hustled and fought for every point and both teams were filled with winners. How do I compare it to the Baylor game. Well, let me tell you that the Baylor game against St Mary's was like watching paint dry.

What will the basketball pundits say if Baylor and K-State match up in the Championship? They both are playing like they want to be there.

It is a wet cloudy day here in the heartland. Did our first grilling of the season yesterday and man does it taste great. I am a little disappointed with the Buffalo burgers but the chicken and steak was great.

Have a great weekend out there.


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