Too Early

A week ago, the KU team went home from the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship when they lost. K-State or KSU and their Wildcats went on to play a game on Thursday that was a barn burner and everything any fan would want. Problem was, it took an extraordinary amount of energy to play at that level and yesterday they just didn't have any reserve in their tank. With about five minutes to play they staged a rally but at the end of that rally with about 4 minutes to play they had nothing left. I think they played well up to the last game and ended their season like the other 64 teams in the tournament did or will, with a loss. Remember the play-in game that made it 65 teams and only one winner? Basketball is only a game and these are only students. Celebrate what the do and who they are and move on. last time I looked, there is always a next year in College sports.

I had a weird dream last night. I spent the entire night disassembling the 57 Chevy. I worked as hard in my sleep as I did in reality a few years back. the difference was that when I woke up this morning I wasn't greasy and I was somewhat rested. I do have to go out and do some garage cleaning today and perhaps that was some kind of precursor to that activity.

The other day when we were cleaning, the Nikon fell off the couch with the telephoto lens attached. Later on,when I grabbed it to take pictures of the deer down the hill, it didn't work. Somehow the weight of the long lens pulled out some retaining screws and the ring the lens fits in was pulled half off. Being the resourceful kind of guy I am, I found my very small itsy bitsy screw drivers and screwed the lose screws back in. When I opened the battery case a very small metal clip fell out. It might have fallen out of the lose lens part but I'm not sure. It reminds me of many of my automotive fixes. Take things apart and put them back together and there is always an extra screw or bolt left over. Somewhere in the garage I have the worlds greatest collection of nuts bolts, screws and nails anyone would ever want. The only problem is that when I need something I can seldom find the correct one.

We are having out typical day here in the heartland. Seems like the sun is on vacation and the clouds are what Military guys call permanent party. I'm not sure where the party part comes from because I like parties and the grey days make me SAD.

Oh well, miles to go, houses to sell and a garage that is screaming out my name - Dennis, Clean Me!


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