New Day, a New Way

Are you getting tired of all the people crying about how bad things are? Have you read all the comments about the Morons and uglies you can stand?

We live in the middle of the country that was founded on freedom and liberty and have more of it available than any where else. Go to Morocco and say bad things about the King and see how long you are allowed to live there.

Go to Europe or England and see how high your taxes are and how little you have left over for you own purposes. Look at them queueing up and tell me that things there are better. If you want to get freaked out, go to France and spend some time there amongst the unwashed and rude.

If you think things here need changed, get up off your butt and do something. Any fool can blog about how bad things are but can they really make a difference. What have you done to volunteer to help make our communities better? Instead of being critical of how many kids drop out, mentor one for a semester and see how much a difference you can make.

What is the difference between us being the greatest and just second run? Attitude is the difference. A kid that drops out of school does so because he doesn't think school makes a difference. Our problems aren't political, they are attitudinal. When 40% of the people don't even vote, it isn't the party that is wrong, it is the people that don't have a positive attitude. Why, because we send e-mails from people that have lost hope and are living in the lap of luxury. Yes, in spite of being retired, I still pay taxes. Are they too much? Hell no, I can still drive a pretty darn nice car, go out to eat and am the new 40 inch LCD viewer with HD TV.

I challenge you to start today to find a way to make this one positive place to live. If you want to change things, get up off your butts and run for an office. The office I ran for was being contested by a darned decent guy and I chose to not campaign against him. As it was, he never said an unkind word about me and he beat me by a few votes. With all the flack the school board is taking right now, I am pretty sure that he has the hard road to hoe and I got off easy.

Go plant something, good works, fruits or vegetables or just clean up something in your community. I am.


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