Say What?


Somewhere out there, is a village without it's fool. This is a writer for the Topeka Capital Journal that just opens his mouth and what ever is in the front of his mind fall out in print. His latest claim to fame is that he says the BIG XII would be a better conference if KU didn't win all the time. Lets see, seven teams possibly in the NCAA Men's basketball Championship and the fact there aren't more is KU's fault? There are three Division I basketball programs with over 2000 wins and KU is one of them. Isn't that known as tradition not "hogging the glory?" I promise you this is the last time I will give him credit in this blog for writing anything.

As was expected, the BIG XII tournament has the number one seed playing the number four seed and two and three will play in the later game tonight. Having the number 11 and 12 seed advance really didn't matter in day one as the finals are the best four playing for the championship position. We attended the game last year with Baylor and KU and I could see that with just a little help they would be awesome. Texas A&M is right there with Mark Turgeon as their coach. That young man is a winner and he just brings out the best in his teams. For some reason, I really don't like the faces and shouting down Frank Martin does. I think he is a bully but his team is winning and I don't have to play for him so they will go to the big dance and win some. They play aggressive ball like Missouri but don't seem to run out of steam like Missouri does.

Let me be one of the first to tell you that Texas is one of the most talented teams anywhere. I just don't understand their lapses and losses. They seem to be a team in search for some glue to hold the pieces together. They can come down the floor and stomp the ball in the basket almost at will and then look like a team of third graders on the next trip. They should own the rebounds and often look confused when they lose it out of bounds as three players in burnt orange go for the ball. They could play on in the playoffs or lose their first game. There is just no telling what they will do.

One of the TV announcers was telling his counterpart that KU won because of Roy William's time there. I guess that Bill Self having 10% of all the wins KU has just isn't enough. Bill self has won a bunch of conference titles where ever he goes and is a proven winner. His assistant coaches are sought after and he sends players to the NBA on a regular basis. All I can say to the North Carolina cry babies staying home this year is, "Roy Who?"

In spite of Coach Bobbie Knight knowing a lot about basketball, he is so dry that listening to him talk during a game just puts me to sleep. The only good thing I can say is at least he isn't Dick Vital droning on with stories that have nothing to do with the game at hand.

I am not sure why, but every once in a while a political blog just piles up here and then basketball just spills out. I guess it is the time of year that instead of doing my taxes, I find myself all involved with basketball. It ain't April 15th yet.


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