With Any Luck

I have high hopes that today will be the day we finish working on the Valley Brook house unless or until a seller decides something else needs done. Cross your fingers on that.

What can I say to add to the winning taste of the hawks over K-State last night. I don't think the announcers understand how hard K-State worked to make those come backs from 10 points or so a couple of times. You could tell when the shots started clanking on the front of the rim in the second half. As soon as the loose balls started to bounce all for KU, K-State was finished. K-State will play in the Big Dance and that's what they should have as a stated goal from the first of the season. KU will play long and deep in the Big Dance.

The local paper listed the KU players that they think won't be back next year. If they win the Championship game, they will lose a couple more than not, but they still have a bunch of McDonald's All Americans on the bench. They have a long record of reloading and playing on past the loss of a bunch of winners. The one I really hope comes back is Cole Aldrich because he is an Academic All American and should graduate. He'll make all the money he needs in a year or two why push it now. Oh well.

Better run and get started on a few things.


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