1st Winter Storm

The weatherman has put us right in the middle of a three day storm and has issued a winter storm watch. So far, the moisture has been limited and mostly it has been just cold. I'm not sure where they think the moisture is going to come from but for now it seems too dry to snow much. The bad news is that it is right on the cusp of freezing and that has resulted with some ice on the roadway. There was one accident yesterday where a pick-up drove through a yard, over a decorative boulder and through a wall at a Quick Shop. The reporter said that excessive speed may have been involved. Ya' Think? That's the problem with the cowboys in those big 4 wheel drive rigs. They can go fast but it is the stopping that will kill ya'. I guess when all else fails, take on the block wall of a Quick Stop. Wonder what the insurance will charge that fool's insurance for loss of business? I think seat belts are wonderful but every once in a while thinning out the population base of idiots may not be the worst idea.

If the birds are any reference it is cold and miserable. They are going through suet blocks and seed like no body's business. I notice that the cat is also staying close to home and every time the garage door is opened he dashes in like it is the last refuge for the cold. The good thing is he is a sucker for food and will go out for a hand full of 9 Lives. Not me, I would hole up and stay hidden.

The Today Show said that "Blind Side" has replaced that sparkly vampire movie as the number one box office show this weekend. It is a true to life story and a feel good movie for the holidays. There is a cute story for the ladies and enough of Sandra Bullock and football to appeal to the guys. Most of all, it is a tribute to hard work and an education that appeals to me. People that don't work with kids don't realize what a handicap having single digit percentile scores has on a child. Are they an accurate representation of what the child knows at the time or his potential? Does being labeled as below average put the child in a box that keeps them there? Does not having the needed education then limit what teachers and people expect from low performing students? I think we all have an almost unlimited potential and with just a little help can do about anything.

I am not sure why, but from a financial standpoint things are going well for us. Yes, peaking right when property taxes are due might be a good thing. Turn that around and the second half of our property taxes will fall on the heels of our IRS bill. Oh well, warm meals and a dry place to sleep is really what makes it all worthwhile.

In setting up the Christmas tree, Barb seems to have aggravated her back. She says that sitting and standing aren't bad, it is the transition that hurts. having been there, I fully understand.

Oh well, stay dry and warm out there.


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  1. Hey MUD, I've got a buddy that lives in the mountains outside of Denver. They are below zero in his town.

    You guys are really getting it. Stay warm, man. When I read about this one, it makes me determined to stop my griping about our near freezing temps.