No Drillin'

I think my visit to the Dentist yesterday was not the most fun I had all month but it could have been worse. I had a tooth that was a little sensitive and after being X-rayed it wasn't bad. There seems to be a new crack in the tooth right ahead of that tooth but no big deal. We will put off drilling until a later date. I guess I'll just have to continue a high rate of maintenance and try to keep the teeth I have.

Each morning I go out to get the paper and try to guess the temperature. Yesterday it started cold and got colder all day. Today it is cold and hopefully will warm up some. The indicated temperature was 6 with a slight "Wind freeze factor". Not the kind of day that most of us want to spend outside early. I'm not exactly sure where the cat was, but he was johnny on the spot when I called for him with food in my hand. I'll bet he is out on the deck in the sun soon.

This week has been an interesting piece of work. I have been reading a couple of books I read much earlier. I am surprised of how little I remember from either one. The Naked Prey book by John Sandford was the book that got me interested in the Prey series. I guess I will need to try to find the entire series and read it in order. The only thing I don't like about it is the fact it is set in Minnesota and I hate to read about cold places when it is so darned cold outside.

I am beginning to wonder when the "Barb" stays home temperature is reached. Yesterday with it just getting colder all day and a pretty good breeze, Barb just didn't want to go out at all. Normally when it is snowy, I can find Barb camera in hand outside at least once a day. Not yesterday, most of the snow went away the day before and it never cleared off. Neither did she.
Is that truly the happy stage in life when you can stay where you want most of the time?

For all you KU Fans out there, I hope you are as thrilled with the new coach as I am. Turner Gill is a winner and his offensive and defensive coordinators are from the same mold. A new style and attitude will blow into Lawrence next year and in a couple of years we will see Football back in the winning place. With the addition to a couple of big running backs they could play with any body.

Oh well, better get on with my day. have a great one out there.



  1. Went to the Dentist today! Still no cavaties! Austin will have to go to his first Dentist appointment in a couple of months. Now that should be intresting!

  2. Yep, I would pay to watch that visit. The good news is that if you help him learn to brushy brushy he will get by. MUD

  3. I love the Prey books and have been trying to collect them all I will share with you the ones I have, the problem is I keep forgetting which ones I have'nt read yet, oh well:)