Did Ch'a Notice?

That a half gallon of ice cream is now 1.75 quarts? Where the hell did they get off driving the price to over $5.00 a half a gallon and then reducing the size by .25 quarts. The Blue Bunny needs to be ashamed.

One more day of warm weather before the cold front arrives means that there is more warm moist air moving up from the Gulf of Mexico and we could be up to our wazoo in snow for Christmas. We weren't going to go anywhere but you never know when we need to sneak over to Walgreen's for Eggnog.

On the coffee front, I bought a big bag of freshly roasted beans and put them in the drip pot today. (I ran then through the grinder at the store.) Pretty sad. Either the big heaping tablespoons weren't enough or the beans were weak. I'll put more in the basket tomorrow and see if that is the problem. I sure hope so as the coffee beans weren't the cheap ones. They also stunk up the house so at least they have a strong smell.

Yesterday I trimmed the branches that have grown up on the back of the garage on Valley Brook. Yes, today I have to go over and fix the guttering I knocked off. Oh well, it'll all look good when it is done.


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  1. MUD, I have noticed that the 5 quart bucket of cheapo ice cream is now only 4 quarts, and the price has not dropped.

    Y'all have a nice Christmas. Be safe. We're getting a whopper of rain today (maybe 2 inches forecast), but it's only in the 40's...no white stuff.