Here It Comes!

I am not sure which I would rather have happen. Do I want it to snow and blow hard and not know it is coming or just sit around watching the weather channel to see when it is going to get here? Should be a good couple of days to stay inside and get a few things done. There are cookies to eat and coffee to drink. Thanks to Kimmy, there is a whole pile of those Prey books to read. What? no cookies?

I had my heart all set on smoking a duck on the grill. Looks like it Will be one of those days I will want to put the grill on hold and just use the oven. Dang I hate it when that happens.

I am going to try out a new motto. IO had been using the I have everything I need.... and now I think I will try out. "There is no end to new things electronic and I have a son who works at Best Buy." Kind of catchy isn't it. Like his wife says, "Not so Much." Oh well, I will have more time to ponder over the next couple of days.

I would wish you a Merry Christmas eve but as Pickles in the funny papers said it is only December 23rd.


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  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS DUDE, I hope you have a fantastic Festive Season.