Cold Days?

I am thinking about selling the 57 Chevy to make space in the garage for the Vicki. I do love that car but it just isn't fit to drive every day. I am so stupid to have spent money trying to remain stock instead of upgrades to the modern equipment. A good engine, with fuel injection, disk brakes and rack and pinion steering would have made a world of difference.

I was going to put a picture of the girl in the bikini bottoms that showed up on Kansas Avenue yesterday but the online (CJONLINE) didn't put it online. It was about 30 degrees in downtown Topeka and there was a PETA person running around in panties and pasties. BRRRRRRR!

The other cold thing today is the reception Coach Mangino got when he was finally told to pack his bags and go eat at someone else's buffet for a while. Win the National Coach of the year and two years later get fired for not winning. Such are the vagaries of the coaching profession. When is K-State going to fire their Basketball coach for the same kind of behavior? Man up and find someone to coach not embarrass young men.

It got down into the teens last night and when I put out the trash this morning, the outside kitty slipped into the garage for a nap on the tractor seat. I'll go out and take him outside to the cat house in a little while. May even move the cat house back to the south side of the deck where the sun hits it. I darn sure would be napping in the sun if I were him.

My brother lives in Tulsa and has season tickets to TU's basketball games. Imagine his pleasure seeing that TU beat OU. I guess the Sooners will have a bad day in basketball like football.

Oh well, all's well that ends....


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  1. Mud, after losing the Griffin brothers, I suppose the OU Men are in a "rebuilding" phase. Rebuilding = losing. And the OU Women's Team has already lost last year's Big XII freshman of the year to an ACL injury. We're either rebuilding or hurt. Mainly "hurtin" for something, I think.