Thoughts of Winter

Did ch'a ever wonder if there is really too much to do right before the holidays or do we slow down with the decreasing number of daylight hours? Think of the days when you worked all day, came home and worked in the yard until 8 and then sat on the porch till dark and then cleaned up after dinner. Seems like in the summer there is a lot more time and energy. For some people Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing and for some of us it is an excuse to sit huddled under a blanket and watch TV. Dang, wouldn't you know that DIRECT TV also gave me 90 days of Showtime free. Another excuse to watch movies so bad that they didn't get to the theaters for general release.

I think this is my Older sister Myrna

I would apologise for not knowing if it was Myrna or Carol but they were older than me and I never saw either one of them at this age. Another one of the cute Petty kids.

A week from tomorrow we will have our family gathering over in Lawrence. We have made it a tradition to have everyone bring a pot of soup, at least one old paperback (most bring a sack full) a white elephant gift and a good smile. If you go home empty or sad from a gathering like that, it is your own damn fault. We are just getting most of the little kids out of High School and are starting a new round of new members of the Clan. We have Bubba Austin now and will add Asa Bob's little one, Ellie May, sometime soon. For some reason Elizabeth has already been given a nick name and no one liked my idea of Lizzy. I guess that poem about Lizzy giving her mom 40 whacks just keeps that one from reaching popularity.

Barb finally got her letter to the editor published. It is a pro Tax letter right when we have several thousand in property tax to pay. I guess she is right that the local taxes go to support the fire department, the sheriff and the schools. We deserve to pay for the best they can give. It is those pesky federal Income Taxes we pay on retirement income. I guess when you have it to pay, you should just pay it and shut up.

Oh well, don't stress over the Holiday preparations. Don't sweat the Petty stuff or pet the sweaty stuff.


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  1. I think it's grandma. I have some pictures of both of them as kids and this one looks more like her. I think Austin and i have her cheeks;)