Short Story too long for Facebook

A New Coach went into his new office on his first day and there was a letter on the desk. The old coach left him some instructions about what to do when he has a loosing season. The letter read, "Open the top right hand drawer and take out envelop number one" That season because he had a short time to recruit, he had a losing season. He took out envelop number one. It read, "Blame it on your predecessor." A couple of years later he had another losing season and he took out envelop number two. It read, "Reorganize." Many years later he had his third losing season and he took out envelop number three. It read, "Make three envelopes."

Mark Mangino has been paid more money than most of us will make in a lifetime. Take the money and run. (or at least waddle fast) Go on a diet (or get a bypass), get healthy, live long and prosper Mark. You weren't the first, and you won't be the last.



  1. You're right about the money. I know that football brings tons of money into a university but the salaries of the coaches border on ridiculous.

    Mangino would be welcome, in my book, to come back to his old offensive coordinator job at OU.

  2. Staci, they'd have to put in double doors to his office. I know that's ugly...but seriously...the guy has got some problems. Anybody that blows up like that (physically, and emotionally) needs to really take some time off and work on themselves. He's got some misery that he needs to deal with.

    Just my two cents.