Wednesday Words

In our family, we have had a bunch of cute little guys over the years. The Petty boys are a lot alike and for the most part pretty smart. Ethan has a smile that just wins you over. They have these chubby cheeks that they outgrow.

Yesterday I made a Road trip over to Fort Riley. Talk about change. It is amazing that the main post is mostly the same rock buildings as it ever was and the outlying areas are so modern. The joke, told forever, was that General Custer told them I'll be back is a month or so, don't change anything. The new PX is down by the gate into Junction City. The old PX up on the hill is now a furniture store and clothing sales with a food court thrown in. For the most part, Camp Forsyth was WWII Barracks and a place where ROTC and the National Guard camped. Not any more. That area has been updated and is filled with houses. Talk about your busy traffic places.

I am playing with the way I make coffee. I have one of those auto drip kind and a French press. It takes two different kinds of grinds and need to settle down and use just one. I love the convenience of the auto drip and the fact that I just throw out a filter, coffee and all. I also love that I am not left with a bunch of grounds that need to be rinsed down the drain. I haven't quite found the right amount of coffee for the French Press. I guess a lot of the difference is the fact that I need to break down and buy a better coffee for the auto drip. In Alabama last year we had the Starbucks morning blend and it was pretty great. I have been buying the house brand in the 3 lb can at Dillon's and it is just OK. What do you use?

Better get rolling. Places to go, people too see.



  1. It is fun to me to go back to places that I spent some time and see all the changes. Usually those changes are not for the better, though.

    On the coffee front, I drink the chepaest crap that Folgers makes daily, but when the company comes over, I serve a house blend from the local drive-through coffee shop. One every kind that I drink, I always try one heaping teaspoon for every cup. Of course, it gets a little strong if allowed to sit and no one else likes it that way. And they can shut up.

  2. MUD, we use a $16 drip pot. And, we use the "Great Value" brand from
    WalMart. Their Arabica at $2.69 a can is as good as anything.

    I guess you'd just call me a commonsewer when it comes to coffee. Anything'll do!