Getting Ready for Christmas

Melanie Brewer Thompson
I found several of the tree ornaments we had a few years back. Barb made them using baby pictures of the family. I'll be posting some of them until Christmas, or at least our family party on the 19th.

Someone left the Refrigerator door open and it snowed about three inches last night. They are predicting a lot more with a pretty good wind by this evening. We will do OK with just snow, but throw in the wind and the road crews can't clear as fast as it drifts. We'll see.

A really good question for the day is when is the Post Office going to become obsolete? Most of the mail I get is junk mail with a few bills thrown in. When everyone starts to pay their bills online, there will be little use for the Mail as we know it.

Thinking outside of the box, there is also a new handheld computer move out there that gives us connectivity to the net without a lot of computing power. I am also hearing a lot of talk about "Cloud Storage" that will take the need for software out of our hands. The program we would use for writing, record keeping/storing, processing pictures and memory storage will reside in the hands of our server. I'm sure that the big guys are saying speed costs money and just how fast do you want to go? Imagine that TV's will have a built in slot for our handhelds and the screen will be the display for times we want to see our screen in a big way. I saw a flexible keyboard the other day at a store for $14.00. It rolls up into a 3" log about four inches long.

Oh well, off to play in the snow.


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  1. I give the old fashioned Post Office about 20 more years...maybe 25.

    It will likely become more of a package shipping operation, like UPS. But, it'll take an act of Congress to do it...