Things that Refuse to Change

Virginia Dene Lee Petty Schawo (1925?)

Thankfully, my mom is one of those things that refuses to change much. She is slowing down some but in the long run is still pretty sharp and a joy to visit with. I won't even try to changer her.

With that said, there is a bunch of technology that needs to be hurried up and changed. We need to cut our dependence on fossil fuels as quickly as possible. We need to start building our houses with R-30 walls and R-50 ceilings. We need to have passive solar built in to our houses so the sun that heats the outside can be moved inside to even out the temperature. We need to allow more people to move stored energy into the grid during the day and find a way to get it back at night.

How inefficient is it having a fiber optic line brought to our houses and not being able to use the full capacity. Why do we have a Cable TV, a land line phone, meter readers when a very small modem can do all of those things? I predict that someone will finally figure it all out and make a small fortune. I am waiting for AT&T to morph into the Fiber Optic Network and bring us everything we need. OK, change that to Fiber United Network and call it FUN for short.

When is there going to be a simple storage battery that makes transportation cheap and easy. Imagine a Prius that has storage batteries for the first 100 miles and the gasoline motor is used only to get home. Our solar charger is collecting electricity during the day and that charge is applied to our electric vehicle battery at night. We have a small generator to make electricity and the exhaust heat of that generator is used to heat our home. If you really want to go amazing, use the sun to breakdown water into Hydrogen and Oxygen and burn that as a fuel to heat our homes.

Nothing is free, but limiting ourselves to the old technology when we should know that not investing in some of the changes will pay its self back is stupid. As a prime example, Russia and the United States could have carpet bombed Afghanistan with money for all the money they have spent there in a war. Go as far back as the English and we could have moved every man woman and child from there to anywhere in the world to live in a lifestyle of the rich.

Oh well, enough of this change talk, it makes me want to take a nap for a change.


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  1. I would love to have a copy of this! I have pictures of our family framed all over my house!