5 - Buckle Overshoes

To a true photographer, a new snow is an opportunity to get out and take pictures of pretty things in pretty places. To an old curmudgeon, it is the opportunity to get out and shovel the crap. Barb says there is an amazing number of tracks in the snow after a couple of days. Mine included.

From my Military days, I should have remembered long before this, but I wore them big old overshoes to keep my feet dry and warm. I had forgotten how well they worked for dry as well as warm. Yesterday, Da Barbs had cabin fever and a quick trip to the store turned into a trip past out Army Navy Surplus store. There on the shelf for 29.00 was a pair of new size 13, 5-Buckle overshoes. Throw in a pair of heavy wool socks and today my feet will be warm and dry when I go out to clear the driveway.

It is nearly 30 degrees out this morning and a lot of melting will probably get done today. The sad news is that on Thursday there is a new 3 or 4 inch snow fall headed this way. Oh well, a little snow never hurt most people. Killed a few, but only those out driving like idiots.

Barb is reading a book called "Freakenocomics." In the chapter on Unintended consequences, they said that it is safer for a drunk to drive home than walk home. Not so much for the other guys, but for the drunk himself. The story goes into detail about the perils of the drunk walker from falling down and freezing to mugging and all sorts of mayhem. In some locations, drunks have gone home ans tried to sleep it off on the couch. The next morning the family of the house awaken to find a strange drunk on their couch. I like the good old days when the Police would just gather up the drunks and put them in the drunk tank without the arrest and heavy fines. How many westerns did the town drunk get hauled in to the jail and spent the night safe and warm only to be kicked out when the cell is needed for the band of bad guys.

have a great and safe day out there.


  1. Ooo! Overshoes! Time for a trip to the Army Navy surplus!

  2. Need some of those lordy I hate coming home to this snow!

  3. My grandfather gave me a pair of those once and I never have had the occasion to wear them. Size 13s, too. Oh well, I probably couldn't find them in the mess around my house anyway.

    Stay warm, dude.

  4. MUD, I used to wear those things when I lived in Colorado. Suh...weet!

    I'm sorry to hear about the next snowfall coming your way. My oldest boy has to pass right by you on Wednesday, headed north. Maybe he'll use his head and just hole up in Oklahoma.

    Probably not. I'll be on pins and needles. Again...

  5. Spent all them winters as a kid in NC Montana in Five Buckle Overshoes or Galoshes as my Grandmothers called them. They also allowed one to wear decent shoes for church and such in winter.