Post Snow Blues

I am always amazed at the pictures Barb takes with our camera. I would say it is mine but in her hands it is a much more useful tool. I want to get out with the shovel and move snow and she sees the snow as it is and doesn't feel compelled to do anything with it. She is more like the Buddhist and I am like the bulldozer.
I spent most of the morning yesterday working on the drive with the tractor. I managed to have a flat tire and bust the steering linkage. With the transmission not doing well, it bucks and that is not conducive to smooth operation. I won't brag about the snow blade as the good blade is buried in the snow and I can't manage to get it put on by myself. The drag blade just isn't what the doctor ordered. Mostly because I am so old that I can't stare at what's behind me anymore.
If this sounds kind of like a fine whine, it is sorta. Just when I have life where I want it, I don't have the physical strength like I once did. I guess I will just have to figure out what I really can do and forget the rest. My brother is really having a bad time right now with his back. I guess i am lucky to be able to do what I can. I think that one big difference is that my five years have allowed my back to freeze into whatever shape it is and I no longer get that pinched nerve like I once did.
I am going to go out in a little bit and put some cement bags in the trunk to see if it will help the Ford get up the driveway. If that works, I think I'll go do what old Military guys do and get a haircut. Perhaps I might stay home and polish my shoes or watch a John Wayne movie.

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