Words to the Wise!

One of my new blog buddies down there in the country where they eat ditch crickets gave us the advice that all good Christians should forgive Tiger Woods as he is no worse than the rest of us. I've been a thinkin' about that and realized that I am just all full of advice and haven't unloaded, er shared it with you in a while. Here is my good advice, and worth exactly what you pay for it:

  • If it is stupid and works, it ain't stupid.

  • If you do more than your fair share on a regular basis, you will be given more than your fair share to do. (Success is its own punishment.)

  • If things are going well, it's probably an ambush.

  • When in doubt about what to do, always try to do the harder thing to do (But remember the fair share saying above)

  • Income must in the long run exceed or be equal to outgo.

  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  • The best system in the world to get out of debt won't work unless you pay off your debts.

  • If you do what you did, you will continue to get what you got. If you are in a hole, quit diggin'.

  • If you aren't the lead dog, quite often the view won't change.

  • Can mind your elders and don't mind your elders both be true? They lived too long to learn new lessons so why fight to change them.

  • If someone offers you a deal too good to pass up, pass it up and do it real fast.

  • Interest is based on risk. There is no such thing as a guaranteed high rate of return unless it is 100% and then it won't pay much.

  • They need to rename it from a Ponzi Scheme to a Madoff scheme. Ponzi was a piker.

  • If the temperature is below 32 degrees, it is a wind freeze factor not a wind chill. You can put on a sweater for a chill. Below 32 degrees you damn sure better have a coat handy.

  • The important things are always simple.

  • The simple things are always hard. (Huh?)

  • Planning is great until the first bullet flies and then get ready to change. Failing to change when it gets tough will leave you in places you shouldn't be.

  • If you are given a chance to cry or laugh, Laugh your ass off. Drives them crazy. The Petty corollary to this is smile and make them wonder what you've been up to.
  • Every once in a while, move you might just be in someone's cross hairs.


  1. Heh! MUD, I didn't necessarily say that all good Christians should forgive Tiger. I was just talking about marital infidelity in general, and how all SIN is SIN in the eyes of God.

    Heck, Tiger doesn't need my forgiveness. He hasn't sinned against me. He's a golfer. If he killed 400 women, instead of bangin' 'em, as long as it wasn't a sin against me, I don't owe him forgiveness...and he doesn't owe me an apology.

    He's sinned against God, and his wife...that's who he's gotta worry about.

    If he were my Pastor, and I had invested confidence in him...then yeah! He'd owe me.

  2. BTW MUD, I like your bullet-points. Good advice, my friend.

    And, not everybody down here eats ditch crickets. I. AM. NOT. A. FAN! May as well suck on a mudscicle...

  3. ^^That^^ guy's a weirdo, if'n he don't eat ditch crickets.

    And the crosshairs and the smile makes me laugh. Yeah, I'm strange.

  4. Can I just say, "What he said"? That Andy's got it figured pretty good.