Christmas Story

In 1965, the girl I was dating and her family moved to Seattle, Washington when Boeing cut back their Wichita operation. I think the little town I was in was Kent but it was a suburb so who really counts. The week prior to Christmas it was rainy and foggy and cloud covered the entire week. I had a bad case of lack of sunlight.

On Christmas morning, the room I was in was bright and light shined in the window. I started down the hall to go to the kitchen and I heard a feminine voice say, "Oh, isn't it pretty" I glanced to the right and there was my girl friends mother looking out her bedroom window. She was starkers, nakid, and jumping up and down on the bed.

When I got to the living room to look out the picture window, there was the ground covered with a couple of inches of snow, the sun shinning and a beautiful view of Mount Rainier. I count that day as the day I saw the sun, the mountain, the snow and a moon all in one day in Seattle.

Merry Christmas



  1. MUD, I shall go to bed tonight awaiting the arrival of Santa with the image in my mind of your girlfriend's Momma stark nekkid jumping up and down on the bed.

    I'm assuming I'll have some trouble getting to sleep. ;)

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    Your Louisiana friends (having a "Wet Christmas"), Andy & Pam Reeves

  2. I miss the view of the Olympic Peninsula and the Admiralty Inlet from our house on Wanamaker Road outside of Coupeville, WA. Up there on Whidbey Island.
    It seems that the kids and grandkids in Wichita have had a blizzard. I like it here in the Mojave.

  3. Yes, I just looked at the weather and it is 10 degrees with a 7 MPH wind and somewhere between 6 and 12 inches of snow. Hell, Dallas got 3 inches but it will be 45 degrees there by this afternoon. We will be lucky to see the high side of 20. For the record, I was in Barstow when it snowed 6 inches. Lets see, that had to be 1967. MUD