I decided last week to try to organize my letters home from Vietnam and as I tried to put them in chronological order, I read parts of them. I realize that I was the acting XO of a gun battery for a long time before I was the actual XO. I had forgotten that the old XO went home on a 30 day leave and I just filled in for him. He did return to Vietnam but was assigned somewhere else. Then, I was given a 14 day drop on my return and got home a full 2 weeks sooner than I expected. To top it off, I found a copy of my record at Fort Carson and found that I had been assigned as the Battalion Commo Officer the last three months I was in the Active Army. I was really assigned to the DIVARTY test team and spent most of the week gone and out in the field. Yes, I realize that most of this doesn't make any sense or have any matter to you. It just makes me wonder what is reality and what is memory about the rest of the time. Oh well, it matters so little at this late date that I will push on with the Chronicles of Denny and the Guns.

I went over to the Valley Brook house yesterday and spent about 4 hours cleaning and organizing things. For the most part, things are pretty good but there are a lot of things I need to do that I'm just not sure the weather will allow. The garage needs a good coat of paint and a lot of the bushes need trimmed up. There is still a couple of places where I need to put trim back on the wall and around the door into the room from the converted garage. I will take the table saw and the cross cut saw back over one day next week and get that done.

Dave and his wife Barb came over for pizza last night. Dave has one of those early winter colds and runs between stuffed up and going through Kleenex. He can keep the cold. Since my blood pressure won't let me take antihistamines I try to keep from getting colds. Oh well, life goes on.

My renter just called and wants to put an electric stove in the storage area over on 29th. Better get my act together.


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  1. It is sometimes funny how much of our very own life that we "misremember," huh? I find that it is much easier to remember the part of my life that came after my son was born, even though I thought that I had completely lost my friggin' mind by then.