Decision Making 101

My friend Andy has a question to answer and he is struggling with all the possibilities. He didn't tell us what the problem is so I can't just give him the simple answer. If it were my problem, I would look to find an understanding that probably will fall on the side of Justice not mercy, fact not opinion, simple not complex, cheap not expensive. I think that most of the time people that know me will think that is typical of my problem solutions.

On the other hand, my brilliant son David, will often take out a coin and flip it for the answer. I would like to believe I find the right answer more often than he does, but sadly he knows the answer is seldom correct but a choice and he doesn't struggle with the problem or worry about his answer once it's made. Love that kid.


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  1. MUD, you don't know how much I appreciate that. I mean it.

    I'm making my list...tallying up cheap v. expensive, simple v. complex, justice v. mercy. And, I'm keeping "do nothing" in the mix.

    BTW: It's not about loaning money. I learned a long time ago, not to loan money. Everybody I ever loaned money to never paid it back.

    Everybody I just "gave" it to, did.