Sucker Punch

You would think that after 40 years, I could smell a sucker punch coming a mile away. Not so much! This morning, the love of my life asked me what I thought about the General in Iraq that said that female soldiers getting pregnant in the combat zone would get a letter of reprimand. Well Duh, what do you think that a guy with over 30 years in the Military would say. My feeling is that that in the time of war, making yourself (OK, I know that's not possible) not available by getting pregnant should warrant a letter of reprimand.

After several minutes and a significant rise in my blood pressure, Barb asked me if I had taken my pills today. I think she was hoping I wouldn't stoke out. Silly me, get drawn into a discussion/loud arguing match before lunch. She was awake at 6 AM so I'm sure she had time to think about it. Me, not so much.



  1. MUD, puh-leeze don't stroke out at Christmas. Your family will have bad memories forever.

    I've thought about that before. I don't know if I'd quite put it in the class with "shooting yourself in the foot," but I would think that some type of discipline should be in order...for both parties to the blessed news.

  2. Cute couple there.
    I agree that they should get a letter of reprimand. I also agree with Andy that both parties involved should receive a reprimand. Unfortunately, it's more obvious who the woman is than the man. I suppose you could do DNA testing on the baby, but I'm not sure how much that sort of thing costs and if it would be worth it. It's definitely not something to get too worked up over.