Advantage of Getting Old

Other than the permanent ownership of a plot, the other advantage of being old is that no matter how bad the weather is, you can probably remember another time when it was worse. We have somewhere near a foot of snow on the level and it was -3 last night. Barb came down to check her mail on the MAC and mentioned that it hasn't been as cold as long as it was in 1978. We had a record snowfall starting right on new year's day and we had almost a month with the temperature not getting above 13 degrees. We had snow on the ground until late February. The city of Ottawa, KS was dumping snow off the west overpass and that snow didn't melt until late April or early May.

In 1961, the year of the Kansas Centennial, I had a paper route. We had a record snowfall of about 27 inches in 24 hours and right in the middle of that snowfall, I fell off in a ditch that was filled with snow and about six feet deep. I immediately felt like I was buried in an avalanche and between the 50 lbs of paper around my neck and the deep snow, I had to struggle to get out. It was for some reason warmer buried in the snow than being out in the wind. I am claustrophobic and I wonder it part of that fear came from being buried in snow. It sure wasn't a fun time or a fun place to be.

The Newspaper said this morning that the warm up that was predicted for Thursday is no longer. The Jet Stream is sucking the cold air right out of Canada and bringing it here at a high rate of speed. If it wasn't so slick, I would get in the car and go south today. The Highway Department had almost 20 trucks when this started and they are down to 9. having my tractor stuck out in the snow I know the feeling.

OH well, What the hell, what the heck do we care.


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  1. MUD, you are wise to stay put. You'd have to drive WAY south to get anything that doesn't feel miserably cold.

    It's only gonna be 20 here tonight, but that ain't enough relief for the effort, my friend.

    I talked to my son in Omaha yesterday. He got his housing squared away at Offutt, and he was shoveling snow off the driveway, putting down rock salt, so that the movers can bring his worthless possessions in today.

    AL. GORE. Later, Andy