What Day Is This?

Foggy Friday at Rabbit Run
Yesterday we drove home from Lincoln and just when I was ready to take a nap and relax, I saw the red light on the answering machine blinking. Not a good sign. One of my renters called and the hot water heater in the little house was leaking. I called his wife and made arrangement to get in to see what the heck was happening. Yes, the tank had water dripping out of the bottom side and it needed replaced. Five hours later, I finally got back home and this time it was beyond a nap that I needed. One the way back to the house, I glanced at the speedometer and realized that I was so tired that I was driving only 30 MPH. After turning the corner I again glanced at the speedometer and again 30 MPH. I was too tired to speed. Thank God the renter had a pickup. There was just no way I could dig the 53 out of the snow bank. I may try that a little later today but I really should let the snow melt and then make a run at it.
With a warmer wind blowing in, there was considerable snow melt going on. That created a high moisture content and that created fog. As the picture above shows, it also frosted the trees with a white coating and was very pretty. In spite of the beauty, I am just going to sit home today and do nothing.
A couple of weeks ago I twisted an ankle and on the way home from Lincoln I again twisted the ankle and fell down. As a kid I could fall down without even a glance. Seems like as I get older falling down is a heck of a lot worse. As a kid I could jump back up, brush off the loose dirt and run on down the road. Now I have to stop and make sure nothings broken, whine like a baby and have Barb help me up. It also helps if she makes polite soothing noises instead of poking fun at my clumsiness. One of these days I just know I'm going to break something but for now only my pride and a stiff and sore ankle are the result. I'm sure that five hours of putting in that damned water heater instead of elevating the ankle didn't help.
My sister called today and told me about her trip to Oklahoma to get mother into a Nursing Home for some rehabilitation. I guess her potassium level and blood thinner were out of whack. When you start with an old heart and then get weak things get bad quickly. I'm sure that she hasn't been eating as well as she should and with winter there she sat, and sat and sat. Not good. We'll try to sneak down early next week if we can with winter weather always spoiling the trip.
Have a great and be safe.
MAD (Mad Uncle Denny)

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  1. Hey MAD, what is it about water heaters that they want to rust through when it's miserably cold?

    Daddy's got a bunch of apartments that I help him take care of, and it never fails...coldest day of year...water heater will need replacing.

    Sorry about your Mom there. Hopefully, they'll get her back in balance. Have a good one, man.