New Cell Phone & basketball

This is the bird water dish in warm weather
This is the same dish under a foot of snow. It is almost a foot lower than the porch
and completely covered. Notice even the sundial indicator is not showing.
iPHONE Photo taken just minutes ago

Just so you will know, it is 10 degrees at 1 PM, I have a new cell phone to play with and there is Basketball on TV. That is why I am not out on the tractor pushing snow (That, and the fact it wouldn't start) I am learning new tricks and will keep you updated. Other than that, not much is happening.
I did get the tractor started and pushed a little snow. I seem to lose the chain on the right side and it is a pain to put it back on in the snow.


  1. The iPhone ROCKS. I balked for over a year, but my Hunny finally talked me into it. Taking photos anywhere, anytime? Kewl. Free apps? Awesome. Go to your app store and look for Lightsaber. For your photos, look for CropForFree and Color Canvas. They rock.

  2. Kenny got an Iphone last week he is loving it, where is the snow in that pic?

  3. Hey MUD, I just checked the temp in Omaha, where my son lives now. 2 (above), but it's supposed to warm up to 35 by Wednesday.

    Hang in there. I guess that snow's not going anywhere for a good while.

    Stay warm, and have a good one. Hey, y'all got Tennessee today, I think. I'll tell ya', Kansas is one tough bunch of motorscooters this season. Enjoy 'em.

  4. Wait a sec! I thought you were anti-cell phone. Guess you can teach an old dog new tricks after all;o)

  5. Kim, I put a picture of the same water dish when it is not under the snow. Trust me when I sat the snow there is deep.

  6. MUD with an iPhone? The world is coming to an end.