Election Thoughts

The only thing worse than the following is the fact that I didn't think of it sooner. Lord do I wish these were all my quotes:

From Grissy's Owner - There should be a term limit of 2 for all politicians. First one in office and the second in prison.

NRA - Never Re-elect anyone!

I am sure that getting elected to any office causes brain damage. The never seem to remember what they promised during the election.

If it costs so much to live in Washington D.C., how come most people sent there come home a lot richer than when they went there?

Here in the rest of the USA, Income must be greater than outgo. I Washington, not so much. I would like for you to google the national Debt and see what has happened over the years. Even when under Clinton when they had a balanced budget (once?) nothing happened to the debt. Like that fairy Tale nose or that vine when the magic beans were planted, IT GROWS, IT GROWS, and IT GROWS.

Perhaps Dave Ramsey needs to be appointed to secretary of the treasury. Baby step 1, spend less. Baby step 2, sunset all laws. Baby step 3, put everyone on a budget unless they earn their own money. Baby step 4, Cut Taxes and see if the economy grows to offset the revenue lost. If step 4 works (no reason to think it won't) do it again. Step 5, If not, raise taxes. Step 6, Pay off the National Debt in 15 years. Step 7, Make all politicians promise to never let it happen again.


Perhaps it is preparing for the battle on the KAW later on today that put me in a fighting mood.


  1. Hey MUD! I'll give you a big AMEN on everything except #7.

    The promise of a politician is not worth a bucket of warm spit.

    I'd change it to...if they let it happen again, they must join the Vienna Boy's Choir (needed surgery to be paid for by the Treasury).

    BTW: I'm filing that NRA quote in my memory for future use.

  2. On number 7, a Louisville Slugger at the ready position to smack said politician in the nuts or the tits as the case may be. Incentive ya know. Do not attempt to hit the head. There will be absolutely no damage of any kind as this is the hardest material on earth.

  3. By the time I got to number 7 I forgot Barb's number one rule. Never make a rule you can't enforce. MUD

  4. The promise of a politician is not worth a bucket of warm spit.i agree with this fact.

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