Looking Forward


Yesterday I took a day off and did little here at Rabbit Run. I think I needed the time to recharge my attitude and do a little future planning. OK, to tell the truth, when you are retired it does look a lot like day dreaming. All this was aided by Direcway letting me watch the Westerns channel at no charge. Imagine my glee to see an episode of Gun Smoke. I also saw Paladin ride in and solve a mystery with a smoking gun. This wasn't the TV of my youth as much as it was on during my teenage years. My youth was listening to the radio and getting out and playing cowboys and Indians. There was a lot of war playing but the cowboy channel doesn't do was as much as a lot of the characters fought in the war and came home hardened to the life they were now living.
I hope I am not going to be like my Mom who watches the old mystery movies over and over. No, wait I'll bet I see enough Law and Order to rival her hours of Matlock and __________ fill in a space of your choice. All I seem to remember is that one guy drove a Camaro and lived in a trailer by the beach. Another was a Doctor or his son was and they solved crimes.

Oh well, Tonight we'll have the kids and my niece, Jenn, over for dinner. I am going to use the new crock pot and do a roast. It will be fun to use some of the garlic spices I got from Dave and Barb. Years ago we drove through Gilroy, CA and it was a farming community that looked a lot like most of the farming communities elsewhere in the US. For some reason memories of cities we didn't really stop in during long trips just don't make for permanent indelible visions.

One of the things we are still planning is where to go for trips this year. There is an Elderhostel (Exploritas?) trip to Massachusetts that sounds like fun. It is focused on making furniture out of wood products. Lord only knows I could make a few dozen tables and chairs out of the hickory, walnut and oak on the 18 acres.

Today's Jayhawk game features Texas Tech and it will be a chance to return the defeat they gave us at home last year. It just happened to be the one game we attended there in Lubbock.

We will have a chance to look at Baylor later on this week. They were a pretty good team and like the rest of the BIG XII will whip a lot of good teams in their home. That will be said of a lot of the BIG XII teams. It will be the road wins that separates the top three or four teams.

Better go see if I can do something worthwhile before the game. I won't want to do much once it starts.

MUD (I'm over being MAD for now)


  1. If I am not mistaken, the Camaro was a Firebird and that was The Rockford Files. On the doctor one, I got nothing. I was generally too busy playing outside to ever get hooked on television. Well, except for RAT PATROL!!!!

  2. I think the Dr. one was the one with Dick Van Dyke maybe. Hold on...let me go look...

    Ahh! Diagnosis Murder, maybe? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diagnosis_Murder

    Hmmm...Dick Van Dyke was born in West Plains, MO. That's Porter Wagoner's hometown, too. Oh well, that comment really ran off the road, huh?

    Glad you're not MAD (currently).